.est 2020 Luxury Skincare explains: HEMP OIL SPECTRUMS

.est 2020 Luxury Skincare Explains: HEMP OIL SPECTRUMS

CBD benefits / By Jeffrey Feiler 

.est 2020 Luxury Skincare products are formulated with full spectrum hemp oil and high levels of Cannabiniods (CBD), plus they include nano-emulsion. They are very effective relief lotions and skincare. But what exactly do those terms mean?

There is some confusion when it comes to the names given and claims made about the oils extracted from the Cannabis plant and derived products.

To begin, Cannabis Sativa plants produce over one hundred Cannabinoids, the most well-known being THC and CBD. They also produce Terpenes, which give flavor, aroma and effects such as energy or relaxation. The .est 2020 products do not contain THC as they are made from the Hemp varietal of the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Plants below .3% THC are defined as “Hemp” and are legal both federally (since the Agricultural Act of 2018 known as the Farm Bill) and in most States. For example, Hemp became legal in Florida on July 1, 2019.

Extraction is the method by which oils are removed from the plants utilizing solvents such as butane or CO2. When the extracted oil contains all of the characteristics of the plant, it is called “Full Spectrum”. The crude oil is then usually cleaned by methods such as winterization but the Cannabinoids and Terpenes remain intact.

The combination of all of the substances in the plant is referred to as a “synergy” and the Holy Grail is the “entourage” effect which is deemed the most valuable to the Endocannabinoid System in humans and animals.

Companies are producing “full spectrum hemp oil” which is the legal combination and does not contain THC. That is the case with .est 2020 Luxury Skincare. We use premium quality full spectrum hemp oil in all of our products. We believe this is the best form of CBD because you get all of the good qualities of the plant without the THC. Plus, most of our products contain nano emulsified full spectrum hemp oil for deeper absorption of the ingredients.

Go to www.est2020Skincare.com to see all of the .est 2020 Relief and Skincare products. Our products are formulated with clean, all natural ingredients, are naturally sourced and contain no chemicals or objectionable substances.

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Jeffrey Feiler is a Criminal Defense Attorney, practicing since 1982. He is involved in vertically integrated businesses in Colorado performing cultivation, extraction & product development, retail dispensaries as well as the Green Treets CBD Store in Miami, Florida, topical skincare & relief products in his company, .est 2020 Luxury Skincare.

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